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Tips on how to make your photo portfolio stand out from other escorts

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The first time a client gets to see you is in the photos on your presentation site or the agency’s site. They only need a couple of seconds to decide if they want to book you or continue the search, so you get a small chance of winning the client. Your profile needs to be perfect in order to attract more leads, especially since men react to visual stimulation. Here are some tips on how to create a stunning portfolio.

Pick the right photographer

A strong portfolio starts from hiring a talented photographer, who is able to create the images that are going to land you as many prospects as possible. Cheap London escorts profiles require a certain type of photography – boudoir photo shoots. Look for the best professional in your area and pick them based on their work, not their price. In this trade, the lower the price of the shooting, the lower the quality of the work, so make sure you work with the best photographer you can afford.

An experienced photographer is also a great poser, which is someone who can teach you how to pose in order to look your best. As one of the London escorts has to offer, you might be tempted to believe you already know how to pose, but in front of the camera things are different. Luckily, a good photographer is also an experienced poser, who is able to emphasize your most beautiful features and hide the least flattering ones.

Professional makeup goes a long way

Another important tip is to hire a professional makeup artist and hairstylist, unless you are a professional makeup artist. The photos are going to be online for a long time and potential clients will base their impressions based on them. Also, when investing a lot of money on a professional boudoir shoot you don’t want to have poor makeup and hair.

Create your image

Each escort has an image. It can be the untouchable Venus or the girl next door, either way, every escort has their own persona in the world of London escorts. Talk to the photographer about your style and how you can represent it in your photos with your clothes, accessories and location. If you are new in the business of escorting and you don’t have an image yet, keep the shooting sophisticated and simple. It’s always a good idea to stop during the shooting to see how the images are coming along, so you can discuss with the photographer if you want to change anything.

The location also speaks volumes about you, so choose wisely where your photos are being taken. There are many options available, from renting a hotel room to renting an Airbnb or having the shooting in the photographer’s studio. You can also get creative, depending on your persona. For example, for the “girl next door” you can use a simple apartment, while a Dominatrix might want a dark, derelict-looking room as her background.

Your escort photographs need to attract clients and convince them to make the next step and book you, so don’t be afraid to go an extra mile for the perfect shooting. 



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