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Surfr Series FAQ

What is a Surfr?

A Surfr is a solar and battery smartphone case. These innovative EnerPlex phone cases have an extra battery built into the case to help extend the life of your smartphone which can either be charged by a standard wall outlet or it's built-in CIGS solar panel.

How much life does the external battery provide for your smartphone?

The Surfr cases typically provide a 100%+ charge to your cell phone, basically doubling the life of your cellphone throughout the day. Via the button/switch on the bottom of the Surfr solar/battery case, you can choose when to discharge your Surfr battery to power up your iPhone, Galaxy, etc.

A Surfr solar/battery case can be charged two ways; either by the Micro-USB port located on the bottom of the phone case or by the built-in solar panel on the back of the case. Charging via the Micro-USB case take around 2 hours to fully charge the external battery and is comabatible to be charged via our Kickr Series portable solar chargers or Jumpr Series power banks (portable power packs). When plugged in, your phone will first charge completely and then the external battery within the phone case will begin charging.

How quickly can you charge the Surfr case via solar?

Due to the small size of the solar panel on the back of the case, we actually recommend the solar panel as a trickle or emergency charging source. You will receive about 10 minutes of talk time for each hour of sunlight the Surfr solar/battery case is in the sun. It's ideal for getting little extra power while out at a baseball game or camping for the weekend.

I have placed my phone in the Surfr case and have clicked/slid the power button, but nothing is happening. What should I do?

  • There are a few reasons why your EnerPlex Surfr might not be charging your device correctly:
    • Make sure your phone is securely connected to the USB/Lighting connector port within the Surfr case.
    • Is the Surfr case charged? If not, using the included Micro USB cable, connect the Surfr case to a power source. Once fully charged, the Surfr case will illuminate 4 Blue LED lights.
    • To properly turn on the charging capabilities for your Surfr solar/battery cellphone case, you must hold down the power button for FIVE COMPLETE SECONDS (or slide the switch on models with a power switch).

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