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Kickr Series FAQ

What is a Kickr?

A Kickr is a portable flexible solar charger that can charge up your small electronic devices up to a tablet. What makes these solar chargers different from others on the market is their patented flexible, durable design. You can drop them, kick them, and punture them* and they will still continue to operate. 
*Long term use is not recommended after a cut or puncture to the solar panel

What makes the Kickr solar panels so flexible and durable?

It is the CIGS solar technology they're made with. While most solar is placed on a glass substrate which makes the units heavy, rigid, and very breakable, CIGS solar has the ability to place solar on a plastic backing. This allows the panels to be flexible, lightweight, and quite rugged. And this solar technology is patented so only EnerPlex can produce these type of panels

What can the Kickr Series charge?

The Kickr Series can charge a variety of USB-enabled devices, up to tablets. Obvoiusly, the more solar panels that are exposed to the sun, the stronger the charge is. Therefore, our Kickr I would be our slowest charging panel, while the Kickr IV's solar charger will charge batteries and electronics at above a 1 Amp current.

Does the Kickr Series store a charge?

  • No, the Kickr Series is a direct, sun-to power bank/device charge. It will not hold or collect power for later use. We recommend that you charge Jumpr power banks (portable power packs) with the Kickr solar chargers to collect a charge to power your electronics for later in the day, or when the sun is down. While Kickr's can charge devices directly, we always recommend using the Jumpr power bank as intermediary charger. Learn more from our Charging Calculator

Are Kickr's waterproof?

We would describe the Kickr's as weather-resistant. These solar panels and the USB ports have been built to resist water ingression, however we can not guarantee the products you plug in will be protected if the electronics get wet. If your Kickr does get wet, please let it dry before plugging in any devices.