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Generatr Series FAQ

What is a Generatr?

Generatr is literally what it sounds like, a generator or large scale lithium-ion battery. These heavy-duty units can hold hundreds of re-charges for your standard electronics. These units contain USB, 12V, 19V, and 110V AC outputs so you can charge a variety of devices.

Are Generatrs heavy?

Compared to our Jumpr power banks, yes, Generatrs are significantly heavier while providing substantially more power than the Jumpr Series. However, we use lithium-ion batteries compared to other large scale batteries on the market that use heavy, bulky lead-acid batteries. In that sense, Generatrs are up to 60% lighter than similar battery generator units on the market. Our lightest Generatr the S100 solar generator/power pack is 2 pounds, while our Generatr Y1200 solar generator is exactly 42 pounds.

How do I charge my Generatr?

Generatrs can charge either from a standard wall outlet or one of our Commandr Flexible Foldable Solar Panels. Keep in mind that based on size it could take several hours, if not days, to charge our larger Generatrs such as the Generatr Y1200.

Where would you use a Generatr?

Our customers use Generatrs for several different uses; emergency prepper kits, long camping trips, tailgating, picnics, and much more. Generatrs are powerful enough to keep you charged up for days.

Generatr Y1200 Questions

How many charges will my Generatr Y1200 provide to my electronic devices?

The Generatr 1200 has a powerful 1231Wh lithium-ion battery which can charge laptops, mini-fridges, flat screen TV's and more. Generatrs will provide several charges to these devices before depleting. Go to our Charging Calculator to get more details.

What type of battery is in my Generatr Y1200?

The Generatr Y1200 uses lithium-ion battery technology. Lithium-ion batteries are lightweight, reliable and have long lives. It is best to fully charge your Generatr Y1200 every 3 months to keep the battery healthy.

The Output Indicator on my Generatr 1200 is continuously blinking, what does that mean?

When the output Indicator is blinking continuously, it means that the battery is completely depleted and outputs have been disabled. Charge the Generatr with our Commandr solar panels or the included wall adapter to fully recharge the unit.

Can I replace the battery in my Generatr Y1200?

No, there are no replaceable parts in the Generatr Y1200. Do not open the Generatr Y1200 under any circumstances, electronic shock could result. If you have difficulties with your Generatr Y1200, please contact EnerPlex immediately.

How do I know if my Generatr Y1200 generator is charged?

To check the charge level of your Generatr Y1200, refer to the LCD Battery Display. When lit up, you’ll see a battery outline with five segments, indicating the current charge level. You can turn on the Battery Display by pushing the Master POWER button. It is OK to use your Generatr Y1200 even when it’s not fully charged.

Can I charge my Generatr 1200 generator while it is being used?

Yes, the Generatr can power devices while it is being charged. However, if the power you’re drawing from the Generatr is more than the power going in to it, the battery will slowly deplete. When the battery is empty, outputs will be disabled. The Generatr will automatically turn the outputs back on when the battery level reaches 20% and then continue to discharge until empty.  

Can I charge the Generatr 1200 from my car battery?

Yes, use the 12V Anderson Powerpole inputs on the front and back of the Generatr Y1200 for this purpose. Note: The 12V and 19V inputs cannot be used simultaneously.

Is it possible to charge the Generatr Y1200 portable solar generator from other brands of solar panels?

Yes, the unit is compatible with other brands of solar panels. The voltage range needs to be between 16-34V and total power is less than 120W. The power tip that needs to be used is a 7.4x5.0mm with center pin.

Can I use the USB outputs on the Generatr 1200 for different devices than what is indicated?

Yes, the USB outputs are optimized to charge the indicated devices but can also charge other USB-enabled devices as well.