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What is EnerPlex?

  • EnerPlex represents the consumer side of Ascent Solar, integrating Ascent’s transformational CIGS technology into products which consumers use everyday. Through EnerPlex, Ascent has pivoted into the consumer space in order to put rugged solar and portable power in the hands of every consumer.

What makes EnerPlex different?

  • With an industry leading 11.4% conversion efficiency, Ascent’s solar modules provide the greatest power density and best power to weight ratio available on any solar form factor. These high efficency modules allow EnerPlex products to provide a robust and mobile charging solution in any environment.

What is CIGS?

  • CIGS stands for Copper Indium Gallium Selenide, it’s the compound used in the manufacturing of Ascent Solar’s industry leading flexible thin-film solar cells. Find out a little more about CIGS technology here

Where do you make your products?

  • We make our solar technology right here in the USA at Ascent Solar Technologies (OTC: ASTI). The rest of our products are made all around the world.