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Surfr for iPhone 6/6S
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EnerPlex Surfr™
Made for iPhone 6S/6
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  • SUPER THIN: Our Surfr for iPhone 6/6S is the second THINNEST battery & solar case from EnerPlex, after our Sufr AMP iPhone 6 and 6S battery & solar case.
  • POWERFUL: With its integrated 2,700 mAh battery you'll add over 100% more external battery power to your iPhone 6/6s
  • POWRLOCK: Leading LiPo battery technology means the EnerPlex Surfr will hold its charge longer.
  • SOLAR POWERED: Get a trickle charge in a pinch! The Surfr for iPhone 6/6s has an integrated CIGS solar panel that can charge your iPhone on the go or in an emergency situation.
  • AWARD-WINNING: Made with Award-Winning Solar technology, 100% made in the USA.
  • SURFR: Lets you play games, watch videos, and talk with family & friends longer.

Product Dimensions:
155mm (6.1") X 75mm (3.0") X 12mm (0.5")
Additional Information:
User manuals, data sheets, and other supporting documents can be found in the 'Downloads and Support Tab'
Battery Capacity:
2,700 mAh
Battery Life:
Standby Time: Up to 375 Hours; Talk Time: Up to 9 Hours; WiFi: Up to 17 Hours; Audio Play: Up to 80 Hours; Video Play: Up to 18 Hours
Battery Type:
Recharge By:
Lightning Connector
Power Output:
1 Amp
1 Year

People ask us, what is a Surfr? Our EnerPlex Surfr is battery phone case with an integrated solar panel. These innovative cell phone cases have a built-in battery to help extend the life of your smartphone which can either be charged by a standard wall outlet using the supplied Micro USB cord or by its built-in CIGS solar panel. Some people also ask, how quickly can you charge the Surfr case via solar? We explain to them that due to the smaller size of the CIGS solar panel on the back of the case we actually designed the solar charger to be more of a trickle or emergency charging source to give you a way to get power to the integrated power bank any time the solar panel is exposed to sunlight and then transfer that power from the case to the phone. It's ideal for getting a little extra power while out at a football game or backpacking for the weekend.