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Commandr Regulator Kit
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Regulator Kit
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  • The Commandr Regulator Kit is a solar power converter system designed to be used with the Commandr series of solar chargers.
  • It can be used to convert solar power from the sun to 12V/19V and 5V USB power to charge smartphones, GPS devices, action cameras, and more
  • Hook up to 6 Commandr solar panels up to the Commandr Regulator Kit to charge devices quicker
Purchase you Commandr 20 or Commandr 45 to complete your solar charging experience.

Product Dimensions:
130 x 67 x 45mm (5.1 x 2.6 x 1.8")
Additional Information:
User manuals, data sheets, and other supporting documents can be found in the 'Downloads and Support Tab'
1 Year