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Day 8- The Freelance Professional Kit
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Day 8- The Freelance Professional Kit
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We want to provide you all the essentials so you can do your work wherever your job takes you. Are you a photographer visiting far and away locations? Are you a writer traveling in your van looking for your next big inspiration? Are you a consultant helping businesses get things done? We believe the Freelance Professional Kit will have everything necessary to ensure you’re always powered up.

  • (1) Generatr 100 high capacity battery ($349.99 value)
  • (1) Commandr 20 solar charger ($299.99 value)
  • (1) Tablet Sleeve ($19.99 value)
  • (1) Packr Executive solar integrated backpack ($99.99 value)
  • Generatr 100
    • This 94 Whr battery comes with a standard built in outlet for charging laptops and camera equipment and 2 USB ports to charge tablets and smartphones. Weighing less than 2 lbs, easily fit the Generatr 100 in a carry-on to recharge your laptop 1-2 times over commutes. Learn more here
  • Commandr 20 Solar Charger
    • This 20 watt solar blanket helps charge your Generatr 100. Simply plug the Commandr 20 into the back of the Generatr 100, and let the unit use the power of the sun to recharge the Generatr. The Commandr 20 is extremely flexible, durable, and lightweight, and can fold up into a small portable form-factor that can be stowed away when not in use. Learn more about the Commandr 20 here.
  • Tablet Sleeve
    • This awesome accessory provides a padded enclosure for your tablet to protect it anytime, anywhere. Use the Tablet Sleeve as a pop-up tablet stand as well to give presentations or sketch your next big idea.
  • Packr Executive Solar Backpack
    • Our Packr Executive is a high-end solar-integrated backpack, equipped with an incredibly flexible and rugged 3-Watt CIGS solar charger. The Packr Executive can power USB-enabled devices from the power of the sun, and comes with expandable pockets, a laptop sleeve. and all the other amenities of a high end bag. Find out more about the Packr Executive here.

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