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Day 7- The Think Green Kit
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Day 7- The Think Green Kit
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We’ve taken “going green” to a whole new level! Not only are all of our products eco-friendly and fully compatible with our solar gear, but cleverly enough, they all happen to be color green. Whether a solar-integrated backpack, or a nice portable Bluetooth speaker to jam out to, this “Think Green” pack has all the essentials to keep you powered up and having a good time.

  • (1) Green Kickr II solar charger ($54.99 value)
  • (1) Green Bluetooth speaker ($14.99 value)
  • (1) Green Travel Adapter ($19.99 value)
  • (1) Green Pack Base solar integrated backpack ($39.99 value)
  • Green Kickr II
    • 3-Watt portable solar charger that will directly charge your electronics at almost half the rate of a many standard wall outlets. It’s integrated strap makes it easy to attach to backpacks, tents, bicycles, golf bags, and more. Learn more about the Kickr II here.
  • Green Bluetooth Speaker
    • This compact speaker can easily fit in the palm of your hand and will connect to your phone via a Bluetooth connection to play your favorite music. More information on our Bluetooth Speaker can be found here
  • Green Travel Adapter
    • This colorful travel adapter will make sure you can charge up anywhere in the world.  Includes two USB ports, and outlet prongs for the US, UK, and Europe. Find out more here.
  • Green Packr Base
    • Our EnerPlex® Packr™ Base Solar Backpack is a revolutionary solar integrated backpack, equipped with an incredibly flexible and rugged 3 watt CIGS solar charger. The Packr Base can power up USB-enabled devices from the power of the sun. Find out more about the Packr Base here.

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