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Day 5- The Day Hiker
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Day 5- The Day Hiker
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The perfect solution to keep you powered up when you just want to take a day to get away from it all. Go enjoy the great outdoors! This comes with a solar backpack to carry your gear as well as a power bank to keep all of your electronics charged up all day. Never miss out on a photo or video of your amazing experiences. This includes:

  • Jumpr Mini or Mini-L power bank ($26.99 - $32.99 value)
  • Packr Base solar integrated backpack ($39.99 value)
  • Jumpr Mini/Mini-L Power Bank
    • This 1700 mAh power bank fits easily into your pocket and is great to power your smartphone once you're on the trail. this power bank will provide up to 1X charge to your smartphone and includes either a tethered Micro-USB cable (Mini) or a tethered Lightning cable (Mini-L)
  • Packr Base Solar Backpack
    • Our EnerPlex® Packr™ Base Solar Backpack is a revolutionary solar integrated backpack, equipped with an incredibly flexible and rugged 3 watt CIGS solar charger, the Packr Base can power up USB-enabled devices from the power of the sun. Find out more about the Packr Base here.

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