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Day 3- The Tailgater Pack
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Day 3- The Tailgater Pack
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Be the life of the party with this ultimate tailgating kit! These portable power solutions will help power up televisions, mini-fridges, sound systems, and more and make you the focal point of your city’s tailgating scene. A perfect gift for a passionate sports fan, who will certainly appreciate this amazing sports-themed bundle! This pack includes:

  • (1) Generatr 1200 high capacity battery ($1399.99 value)
  • (1) Generatr 100 high capacity battery ($349.99 value)
  • (1) Jumpr Stack Mini or Mini-L power bank ($26.99 - $32.99 value)
  • (2) Bluetooth Speakers ($14.99 each, $29.98 value)
  • (1) USB car charger ($9.99 value)
  • Generatr 1200 high capacity battery
    • This 1231 watt-hour lithium-ion battery is designed to power and charge large scale electronics, like televisions, mini-fridges, stereos, and more. Only weighing 42 lbs, you’ll be able to watch every game, blast music, keep your phones charged, and keep your beverages chilled with this awesome portable power bank. Find out more about the Generatr 1200 here!
  • Generatr 100 high capacity battery
    • This 94 watt-hour portable battery is the smaller and more portable version of the Generatr 1200. Only weighing 2 pounds, this battery comes with USB ports to charge your phones and tablets, and a standard AC port to power laptops and small TV monitors. A perfect power solution for the tailgater that wants to do more with less! Learn more about the Generatr 100 here!
  • 2 Bluetooth Speakers
    • These compact speakers can easily fit in the palm of your hand and will connect to your phone via a Bluetooth connection to play your favorite music or tune into the big game! More information on our Bluetooth Speakers can be found here!
  • Jumpr Mini or Mini-L power bank
    • This 1700 mAh battery fits easily into your pocket and is great to power your phone once you leave the tailgate and head into the game. This power bank will provide up to 1X charge to your smartphone and includes either a tethered micro-USB (Jumpr Mini) or Lightning cord (Jumpr Mini-L). Learn more here!
  • USB Car Charger
    • Need a last minute charge? Be sure to power up your smartphones and EnerPlex portable power banks via the cigarette plug to USB converter inside your car.
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