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4- Pack Jumpr™ Mini/Mini L Bundle
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4- Pack Jumpr™ Mini/Mini L Bundle
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  • 1X CHARGE FOR YOUR SMARTPHONE- Each Jumpr Mini portable power bank holds a 1,700 mAh battery capacity that can provide up to 1 charge for most smartphones.
  • STACKABLE CHARGE FUNCTIONALITY- Jumpr Minis have integrated magnetic-inductive stack and charge functionality, which helps cut down on cluttered cables. Plug just one Mini into a USB or wall outlet and stack up to 4 Minis on top of each other to charge the batteries simultaneously. A great solution for families with limited space for outlets.
  • STACKABLE DISCHARGE FUNCTIONALITY- When the Minis are fully charged and stacked together, they can serve as one unified power source.  This means that 2 Jumpr Minis stacked together can serve as a 3,400 mAh power bank (2 x 1,700 mAh), 3 batteries stacked together make a 5,100 mAh power bank (3 x 1,700 mAh), etc. Stack up to 4 batteries simultaneously to create your own customized “mega-power bank”.
  • TETHERED CABLES INCLUDED- The Jumpr Mini comes with a tethered Micro-USB cable and the Jumpr Mini-L comes with a tethered Lightning cable that can directly charge your electronics, so you never need to carry a spare cable to power up.
  • CUSTOMIZEABLE BUNDLES- Select either 4 Jumpr Minis, 4 Jumpr Mini-Ls, or a 2 Mini + 2 Mini-L 4-pack.
  • SLIM DESIGN- The Jumpr Mini is about the size of a credit card, so it’s easy to fit into a pocket, purse or bag so you can charge up wherever you go.
  • Find out more about the Jumpr Mini here and more about the Mini-L here.

Product Dimensions:
90mm(3.5")/58mm(2.3")/9mm(0.4") per battery
Additional Information:
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Battery Capacity:
1,700 mAh per battery
Battery Type:
Recharge By:
Micro USB
Micro USB or Lightning
Power Output:
Micro USB or Lightning
1 Year