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President Trump BANS eating dogs and cats in the USA

trump bans dog meat in the USA

In a historic move, President Trump banned the consumption of dogs and cats in the USA by signing the farm bill into law. Though the United States is not a nation that consumes companion animals, the president has firmly cemented the US position on this subject: that man’s best friends are not for eating.

It is a move that has received very little coverage as Trump’s good deeds often go unrecognised, but the president’s decision to sign this into law has received wide applause from dog, cat and animal lovers all over the world. Furthermore, it now provides the United States with leverage to object to the cruel and barbaric Dog and Cat Torture Trade across South East Asia, where millions of pet dogs and cats are stolen from their homes before being boiled, skinned and burned alive.

There are no animal welfare laws in China, Vietnam, Cambodia and other countries where this vile practice thrives and there are many in the international community who see it as a moral duty for international governments to intervene. By banning the consumption of dogs and cats in his own country, President Trump is the first leader in the west to open a gateway and provide the international community with the opportunity to act, the first step in what many hope will put an end to this depravity.

Fear of offending China exists in governments all over the world. A reluctance to upset the increasingly powerful nation makes it extremely difficult for the international community to object to their horrific violations of human and animal rights, which includes detaining and torturing Uighur’s or encouraging their police and key workers such as teachers to beat dogs to death in the street, simply for being dogs. President Trump, in his increasingly hostile trade war with China, is the first world leader to stand up to them; combined with banning the consumption of dogs and cats – which China is famous for – he has not hesitated to drive back China’s steady, growing influence across the world, which will no doubt have repercussions on many, as well as our freedoms and democracies, if it comes to full force. For this, he has acquired the respect and gratitude of many.

Pressure is now on the UK to enact a similar ban. While there are sufficient regulations in place making it illegal to buy, sell or import dog meat, there is a loophole that allows a person to kill their dog and eat it. The thought is naturally abhorrent to 99% of people in Britain, but many believe that an all-out ban will similarly send a loud message to China and other dog-eating nations, making it clear that the UK, like the USA, fully objects to eating companion pets.

Such a topic is not at the forefront of Theresa May’s mind at this time, what with her recent deal being overwhelmingly rejected by parliament. However, there is a strong belief among politicians and campaigners alike that once Britain is outside the European Union, the country will be in a much stronger position to tackle the Dog and Cat Torture Trade with more robust measures. Let us hope for the sake of the countless pets being tortured and slaughtered in the Far-East that this does indeed come to pass.

The pressure is now on elsewhere as this topic comes up in debate, there is currently a call to ban dog meat in the UK but nothing has been decided as of yet!



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