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How To Increase The Number of Customers For Your Tattoo Studio


The COVID-19 pandemic hit businesses across all industries very hard, but if you have been running a tattoo studio, then you might have been struggling quite seriously. As you are now able to resume normal operations, you will probably be in need of a surge of customers. If you have never had to increase your customer base, then it can seem like a pretty intimidating prospect, but it is by no means impossible.

Attract Walk-Ins

The easiest way of boosting your customer base is by attracting more walk-ins. There are many ways that you can do this. Firstly, you should improve the look of your storefront. Displaying eye-catching work on your window is a great way to get a potential client’s attention. Making your studio look aesthetically pleasing and clean is another great way to get a client’s attention.

Tattoo studios can be intimidating for people who have no experience of them, so making your storefront look more approachable is another great way to increase footfall.

Build Your Online Presence

When you are looking to boost your customer base, it is not enough to only rely on appealing to more walk-in and local customers. Building your online presence is a great way of expanding your potential customer base and connecting with relevant consumers.

There are two aspects involved in growing your online presence, and those are, increasing social media presence and boosting your website’s ranking. You should use SEO practices and create relevant written content to boost your website’s ranking. Building a strong social media presence is another great way to win customers. In particular, Instagram is a great way to attract potential customers.

Focus on Reviews

Reviews are a hugely important tool for converting an interested individual into a customer. This is because before getting a tattoo, most people will take some time to look into the studio’s past work and customer reviews.

Of course, the quality of the work that you produce is the most important factor when creating an impression on a customer. However, there are other factors that motivate a customer to leave a good review. If your staff are friendly and create a warm and welcoming setting, this can create a more positive experience. Even the quality and comfort of your tattoo furniture can affect your rating and review.

Hire the Right Artists

The biggest asset that a tattoo studio has is its artists. If you are looking to boost your customer base, then you should consider hiring new tattoo artists. When you are hiring new tattoo artists, you should be looking at how well they will fit with your business, with both their level of experience and their popularity.

You will need to hire talent whose style is appropriate for your business. There are two different approaches that you can take when deciding what artistic style is right for your business. You could have a collection of artists who are able to work in a range of styles, so you can cater to all customer needs. Alternatively, you could specialize in one style. This allows you to create a strong and identifiable brand image for your studio and attract a more specific market niche.

You should also pay close attention to a potential hire’s follower count and social media engagement rate to work out how many potential clients and new followers they might bring to your business.



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