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How Nursing Makes You a Better Person


People choose careers for various reasons. One reason that’s often left out, though, is how well it improves you as a person. When it comes to unstimulating roles that require little thought or movement, you find that people stay put in terms of self-development. With more intense and thought-provoking roles like nursing, a person can improve themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

If you’re considering becoming a nurse, then you can expect to become a better person over time – here’s how. 

You Become Smarter 

Nurses might not need the same level of education as doctors, but that doesn’t mean they don’t learn a lot. You need to be smart to become a nurse in the first place, and from there, your intellect will only grow from all the education, training, and real-life education that comes with being a nurse. You don’t suddenly stop learning once you’ve been in the role for a few years, either, as there are always new medical developments and methods that all healthcare workers must learn, so your education is never truly over. 

If you’re eager to become a nurse, but you already have a bachelor’s, you can pursue accelerated nursing programs online. That way, you’ll be ready for lifelong education in no time. 

You Handle Emergencies Well 

Emergencies happen every day, but it’s often the nurses and other healthcare professionals that have to deal with them. Once you’ve dealt with a large number of emergencies, though, you start to handle them well. That doesn’t necessarily mean you get used to them (although it does get easier); it simply means you understand exactly what you should do to help in those situations. At some point or another, this will greatly help you out in ordinary life. 

Your Resilience Soars 

It’s hard not to become extremely resilient as a nurse. After all, you have to deal with ongoing shifts, numerous patients, and long to-do lists that never seem to end. Your resilience in these situations will soar, which will help you deal with other life situations without getting too stressed. When you have that level of control, you can get through anything. 

You Learn to Manage Your Own Health 

When you spend most of your days looking after the health of others, you learn a thing or two about looking after yourself. You understand the importance of exercise, a healthy diet, a stress-free lifestyle, and knowing when to check in with a doctor. It’s a skill that should be cherished, as it’ll help you live a longer and happier life. 

You Learn How to Work with People 

Knowing how to work well with people is one of life’s crucial skills. After all, humans are social creatures, and socialization is a huge part of all areas of life. As a nurse, the way you interact and work with people will massively improve your communication and interpersonal skills. If you can handle a difficult patient who refuses to take their medication, handling a friendship fallout suddenly becomes the easiest thing in the world! 

It Teaches You Compassion

Most nurses are compassionate already; after all, they have chosen a career that’s all about helping people! Being a nurse only makes you more compassionate, though, as you witness the most vulnerable of humanity. The more time you spend helping others, the kinder, more patient, and understanding you become. 

You Become More Open-Minded

Nurses work with a wide range of people, from wealthy grandparents to struggling drug abusers. In such a varied job, there is no room for closed-mindedness. Over time, your years of nursing will teach you that everyone is the same underneath, no matter what their background is or how much money they earn. A positive consequence of this is that you become increasingly open-minded and welcoming of everyone. 

You Make Wonderful Friends 

Nursing is full of wonderful people, which means you’ll make plenty of incredible friends. People aren’t lying when they say you become who you are around, so as a nurse surrounded by hard-working, caring, and passionate individuals, you will naturally become a better and more well-rounded person.  

You Learn Unwavering Patience 

Nurses must put up with a lot, but not just that – they must put up with a lot without complaint. Once you’ve spent a good number of years tending to various patients, all with their own personalities and expectations, you learn true patience. This skill isn’t just beneficial for a hospital ward and a difficult patient; with enough patience, you will thrive in many other areas of life. Some of these areas will be small, such as being able to wait on hold without losing your temper, but others, such as looking after children, might make a huge impact on your life. 

You Understand and Accept Death 

If you work in an area of nursing that often witnesses death, such as assisted living facilities and emergency rooms, then you will become more accustomed to the passing of life. No matter how many times you see someone pass away, it doesn’t become easy, but you do start to accept that it is a natural part of life. Not only will this help you deal with grief in your everyday life, but it will also help you come to terms with your own mortality. It’s a life lesson that most people don’t learn, but as a nurse, you will. 

You Witness the Best of Humanity 

There is no denying that there are bad parts of humanity, but as a nurse, you get to witness the best of it, and it’ll be this that inspires you to become a better person yourself. When you see a child smile despite a terminal cancer diagnosis or a family member stick by their loved one’s side through terrible sickness, you realize what it means to be a genuinely good person. 

Nursing is often a challenging and tiresome career, but despite the hardships, you are sure to come out of it a wiser and more compassionate individual. The points above prove just that, so if you are thinking about pursuing a career in nursing, you have plenty to look forward to.



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