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Fun adult games for Valentine’s Day party

adult games for valentines day

On February 14th every year, all our streets are painted red to celebrate the season of love. The hassle of getting a date or planning a romantic evening can take its toll on you. Try having fun with a couple of friends this Valentine’s and create lasting memories. Here are a couple of fun adult games you can use to cement your friendships.

Lover’s Line-Up:

Want to know how much your lover knows about you? Lover’s Line-Up is your best bet. Prepare random questions and ask your guests to write their individual answers. As the day wears on, pair up the couples and ask the same questions. Award points based on the accuracy of their answers; the couple with the highest points carries the day. You’ll have fun and encourage more intimate conversations later on.

Never Have I Ever:

This is one of the interesting drinking games you can indulge in. At the end of the day, everyone will have their fill and the laughter will go on for hours on end. You also get to discover a lot of hidden facts about your friends. Let everyone get a drink and sit in a circle. The first person will give a statement about never doing an embarrassing thing and all the guilty parties have to drink to that. You can bet that you have a host of skeletons that will see the light of day.

Truth or Dare:

This game has been around for years but is still as interesting as when it was first introduced. You know the drill: sit in a circle, spin a beer bottle, and ask the truth or dare question to whomever the lot falls on. You get to decide how wild or tame the questions will be. Your guests can help you select the list for both the truth and dare choices.


All your guests will have to write interesting facts about their relationships. What makes them tick, how they started dating and where they met are some of the facts you can explore. When everyone settles down, randomly select the pieces and each couple will guess the couple in question. You’ll stir up interesting conversations as you make merry with the people that you care most about.

Crazy Kiss Marry Kill:

If you want to add a naughty touch to your evening, then this is a great option to consider. You all get to choose three friends or celebrities of the opposite gender. You then have to decide whom you’ll rather kiss, marry, or kill. All you need is a little-twisted imagination and you’ll be good to go. The game will reveal a lot of your infatuations and who knows? Your wishes may just be granted. 

Hosting an adult game night should not cost you much. You’ll enjoy great company and great times – the best recipe for Valentine’s Day parties. Do not hold yourself back. Have as much as fun you possible by keeping in mind that this day only comes once every other year.  



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