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Dermal Fillers for a Fantastic, Youthful Look

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Technological advancements and medical breakthroughs have made it possible to maintain a radiant, youthful look as you age. Dermal fillers have opened endless possibilities in the cosmetic industry; now they’re being used for numerous other body parts apart from the traditional lips and cheeks.

Experienced doctors have introduced other creative ways of using inject-able fillers to compensate for the volume loss caused as a result of ageing. The treatment process causes very little downtime, and the rejuvenation process is usually successful. 

Earlobe reconstruction:

Many middle-aged people, especially in the West and Europe, have at one point or the other thought about reconstructing their sagging earlobes. Dermal fillers are an excellent option when it comes to restoring the volume of the earlobes in a long-lasting, painless, and safe method. People with smaller earlobes can also increase their sizes by enhancing the outer portion with fillers. The filler reduces over time, and the quantity used for a retouch will depend on the filler type.

Non-surgical chin enhancement:

Strong chins have been trending for several millennia because they give the appearance of a healthier and smarter person. Before dermal fillers were used for chin augmentation, implants were the only option. Unlike the implants, fillers can easily be customised based on the patient’s ethnicity or preferences for personalised results. Some of the fillers used for this procedure include Vellafill, Voluma, Radiesse, Juvederm, and Restylane.

Removal of neck wrinkle-lines:

A neck wrinkle is a line that runs horizontally across your neck and is often an effect of aging; however, it can also be a normal characteristic of a young person. Dermal injections help to fill the ring for a more flawless look. Belotero is the primary type of filler used for this procedure and the results last up to 12 months before another retouch session.  

Treating acne scars:

Atrophic scars are not treatable using other conventional methods such as chemical peels and laser therapy. The fillers work in a way similar to the suctioning of a dent from the body surface of a car. Dermal fillers are used to load the space at the back of the acne scars, which pushes them out thus getting rid of the dark spots and restoring natural skin colour. Patients will need many treatment sessions to achieve desired results.

Hands and feet rejuvenation:

The skin on your hands darkens with age as a result of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Veins, tendons and bone structures also become more detectable with prolonged exposure to the sun. Dermal fillers correct the loss of dimensions while hiding the visible muscles, veins, etc. for a younger looking hand. For feet rejuvenation, the fillers are used to add cushioning to the feet balls to counter the effects of gravity and long-term poor shoe preferences.

Consult a specialist if you are considering the use of dermal fillers to restore your youthful look. Your skin care requirements and aesthetic goals will be the major factors that will determine the type of cosmetic procedure the specialist will recommend.  



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