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    It’s Interesting to Know How COVID-19 has affect mobility in the UK

    Next to the natural calamities is a pandemic situation that shows devastating outcomes within a short span. Coronavirus is one of such disastrous disease that has engulfed lakhs of people in the black hole of death, and many are still on the horizon of life and death.

    With the unexpected attack of Covid-19 across the globe, the United Kingdom is not untouched, and hence multiple swings are now witnessed in mobility. But does it make sense that COVID-19 has a significant effect on mobility in the United Kingdom? Let’s find some pointers that support the fact.

    For businesses that are entirely dependent on mobility within the UK or other global locations, it’s challenging to continue their efforts and earn a substantial profit from it. With that, the change in mobility due to coronavirus becomes a trend in the UK industry.

    The Effect on the mobility Industry will continue in the Coming Years: Since last decade, mobility industries experienced huge growth and was ranked third after the United States and China (in terms of investment). Digging into the facts, after April 2020, the counts of new car registration has almost halted. Similarly, April’s figure marked a 97% plunge in sales compared to the same duration last year. This fact is far more heartbreaking for the mobility sector that is expected to continue in the coming years.

    Social distancing has Mixed Response in Large Cities: Compared to large cities with tech hub, nonurban cities have witnessed adverse outcomes due to social distancing. However, large cities have seen taking advantage of social distancing. With this, some companies have developed remote working culture, saving on light, internet, and office. Ultimately, the same amount is used for business growth and enhancing employees’ skills. Employees who are still dependent on public transportation have either opted to work from home or switched jobs to nearby opportunities.

    NOTE: People nowadays prefer personal vehicles more than public transport.

    No More Long Travelling: Long route travelling has even decreased a lot post lockdown. Before lockdown, there was an increase of 3 percent; however, post lockdown it has lowered by 95 percent. Long route travel has also seen a deep decline due to airlines halt throughout the lockdown period. Even after people show their interest in long route travel, limited options will restrict them from doing so. This will continue until the pandemic era is over, and the people are back with a 100% economy on roads.

    Mobility Sector To Have New Innovations: On one hand, the mobility sector has driven hard, affecting many people across the country. On the other, people are looking forward to innovations simultaneously. For retailers, suppliers, dealers, etc. safety is the number one priority, and hence mobility sector is looking forward to new inventions that can benefit their business without compromising safety.

    However, the coronavirus’s conclusive Effect on the mobility sector will depend on how people and the government respond to this crisis. Furthermore, the changing trends in the United Kingdom will also impact the mobility industry to some level.



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