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Jumpr Slate 5K Power Bank Review by Atlanta Trails

Posted: 9/29/2014 10:18:37 AM by

EnerPlex Jumpr Slate 5K Review: Trail-friendly Power Bank

The Jumpr Slate 5K is an ultra thin, lightweight battery that recharges USB devices - like a phone, camera, tablet or GPS - on the trail or at a campsite.

The Jumpr Slate 5K is a power-packed 5100 mAh portable battery with an extremely thin profile. The battery’s thin-profile design is fantastic for backpacking, hiking and camping: its innovative size takes minimal space in a pack, and slides easily into pockets or behind other gear. And the Jumpr Slate 5K battery has a perforated case, great for lashing or tethering the battery to a backpack or other gear.


The Jumpr Slate isn’t only thin, it’s also extremely lightweight. With a thickness of .3 inch, and weight around 7 ounces, it takes up minimal backpack space and adds negligible trail weight. The construction? Despite its thin profile, the Jumpr Slate 5K feels rugged and sturdy, and is wrapped in a tough, grippy exterior that feels great in the hand.

Enerplex Jumpr Slate 5k review: trail-friendly battery power

So what does it do?

As editor of Atlanta Trails, I spend a lot of time backpacking and hiking with electronic gear. I almost always pack my iPhone, Garmin Oregon 600 GPS, and Canon 6D DSLR camera on the trail, and occasionally pack my iPad mini when I’m writing from a campsite. Having power to recharge my gear is important – especially since low-quality cell reception in remote areas drains mobile phone batteries quickly.

The Jumpr Slate 5k battery can recharge a phone, tablet, GPS unit or camera on the trail or at a campsite

The Jumpr Slate 5K’s inputs and outputs include:

  • a full-sized USB output, to charge a USB device
  • a built-in micro-USB cable output, to charge a micro USB device
  • a micro-USB input, to recharge the Jumpr battery

The cool thing about those double outputs? The Jumpr Slate 5K can charge two USB devices simultaneously. When I’m out hiking the trail or at a campsite, I recharge my electronic gear overnight in my tent. The Jumpr Slate allows me to charge two devices with one battery – so I don’t have to worry about swapping devices in the middle of the night when one is full, or carry two batteries.

The Jumpr Slate 5k includes two power outputs for charging two devices simultaneously

And, in September 2014, EnerPlex is releasing the Jumpr Slate 5K-L, which swaps the integrated micro-USB for an Apple-device-friendly lightning connector. It’s high on my list when it hits the market.

At 5100 mAh, the Jumpr Slate 5K packs enough power to charge my iPhone two and a half times, or iPad mini one time, before recharging the battery via solar, auto or household current.

Recharging the Jumpr Slate 5K

Recharging the Jumpr Slate via USB, plugged into a household outlet, takes around 5 hours.

I’ve also been trail testing the EnerPlex Kickr IV portable solar charger, a trail-friendly, flexible, lightweight solar panel. I’ve clocked the Jumpr Slate 5K recharge time at around 5.5 hours when plugged into Kickr IV on a clear, sunny day. Pairing the Jumpr with the Kickr helps prevent my electronic gear from overheating in the sun: I charge the Jumpr Slate via solar during the day and then charge my gear in the shade or in my tent at night.

Recharge the Jumpr Slate 5k via solar, auto or household current

First Impressions

The Jumpr Slate is ruggedly built, simple to use and highly functional: it recharges quickly, and delivers that charge back to my gear when I need it out on the trail.

And recharged with a portable outdoor solar panel, like the EnerPlex Kickr IV, the Jumpr Slate 5K provides unlimited portable power for multi-night backpacking and camping adventures.

The Jumpr Slate 5k pairs with the Enerplex Kickr IV solar panel to provide hiking, backpacking and camping power out on the trail

Enerplex Jumpr Slate 5K review: the verdict

After several weeks of trail tests, I’m loving the portable power that the Jumpr Slate delivers.

And I’ll continue to test the Jumpr Slate and the Kickr IV solar panel from the trail this Fall and will report back with updates.

Where can I get one?

Order the Jumpr Slate 5K battery directly from EnerPlex, or at


While EnerPlex sent me product samples for review, all opinions above are based on my own, trail-tested experience.

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