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Jumpr Mini Portable Powerbank Review by Flying Dutchgirl

Posted: 9/30/2014 7:59:59 AM by

Review: EnerPlex Jumpr Mini Portable Powerbank

jumpr-packed1.pngTwo weeks ago, I took off to London after spending a day at work. Of course I had forgotten to bring my charger, so by the time I boarded the bus, my phone only had like 20 percent battery left. By the time I got to London this was 7 percent and before I had seen the Big Ben it was dead. Great start! And I know about the whole ‘lets disconnect, there’s no need to constantly have your phone around’ idea, but honestly… I do. I need my phone, especially when traveling. Not even just for the sake of being able to Whatsapp/Facebook/Tweet, but also for the sake of safety. I put my addresses and directions in it, and use it to look up alternatives when things go wrong. And most of all, in case of emergency, I just simply want to be able to reach 911!

Because of this, I had already been looking into various portable batteries. You know, those rechargeable energy storage devices which you can connect to your phone (or camera and such) to charge it on the go. A few days after getting back from my London trip however, I was lucky enough to receive the EnerPlex Jumpr Mini.


EnerPlex is a division from Ascent Solar Technologies Inc., from Colorado, USA. They have developed their own patented and award winning solar technology, but more about this when I review their Kickr II Portable Solar Charger. For now, let take a look at the Jumpr Mini!

So What’s This ‘Jumpr Mini’?

The Jumpr Mini is a portable battery with a micro USB output to charge your phone, camera or GPS with. It is one of the 10 devices EnerPlex offers in it’s Jumpr Series of portable power banks. And truth to be said, when they offered me the opportunity to pick a device to try, the Jumpr Mini wasn’t directly my first choice. The website stated it would ‘only’ charge my phone for 50-90 percent, so I wasn’t sure whether that was worth carrying the thing around for. Turns out it totally is!!


Size & Weight & Strength

What I first noticed when I was unpacking the Jumpr Mini was it’s size and weight. As I’ll have to stuff my entire life in a backpack, I love small & light things, and the Jumpr Mini absolutely is! The idea of ‘having to carry it around’ just doesn’t hold. It’s smaller than a creditcard, as thin as your phone and it doesn’t weight a thing. You can easily squeeze it into a pocket without noticing it. If your phone fits, a Jumpr Mini definitely fits. Because it’s so small and compact, it’s also pretty strong. I didn’t actually try to break it, but put some pressure on it, and it seems to be able to handle a lot. Not fragile and so no need to be super careful with it. It will survive the bottom of your backpack. Next to that, no additional cord is necessary to connect the Jumpr Mini to your phone (or other device). It has a rubber/plastic orange cord attached to it, which can be nicely tucked away into the Jumpr Mini to keep it compact and prevent it from getting damaged.


What’s In The Box?

There are 4 things in the box: a tiny manual, a Micro USB cord to charge the Jumpr Mini, a Micro USB to USB Converter for non-Micro-USB devices such as iPhones, and obviously the Jumpr Mini itself. I thought the converter thingy was pretty cool as I had never seen one before.

What is ‘missing’ is the actual power outlet plug, to plug the USB cord in. However, this very understandable for various reasons. First of all, as the EnerPlex products are being shipped worldwide, it makes sense that power plugs are not provided, as power outlets are different across the globe. Second of all, EnerPlex also makes solar panels, such as the Kickr II which will be reviewed later on, and ideally you should go green and connect the Jumpr Mini to that! But still, its good to know that if you wish to charge your Jumpr Mini to a normal power outlet, you need to provide the plug yourself.



On the outside it looks like a very simple device (I’m sure it’s not on the inside). To keep things easy, it only has one button. This is the power button for the flashlight. Although I’m not entirely sure why there is a flashlight on it, or what the intended purpose for this is, it’s nice. (Possibly for when it’s dark and your Jumpr Mini is really the only source of energy around? I’ll update this article as soon as I find out…) So, there’s a flashlight built in in one of the corners.

One of the other corners can be detached, as this is the Micro USB output. Just pull it out and plug it in your phone. That’s all there is to it! It will start charging automatically. Four tiny lights on the side will start blinking to indicate how much battery of the Jumpr Mini is remaining while it’s charging your phone. It took about an hour and 45 minutes for it to charge my phone (Samsung S3). And to my surprise, it managed to charge it up to 100 percent, whereas the EnerPlex website stated it would only charge it up to 50-90 percent!


To charge the Jumpr Mini, just hook it onto a power source with the cord. The 4 lights on the side will indicate how charged it is. The EnerPlex website states it takes 1.3 hours to charge it, but it took me well over 2 hours. That was the only little disappointment.

Both the back and front of the EnerPlex Jumpr Mini contain 2 little metal thingies. These give you the opportunity to connect multiple Jumpr Mini’s and stack them to create a super battery!

Conclusion, Price and Where to Buy

The EnerPlex Jumpr Mini positively surprised me! It’s super small and light, which makes it great to bring along when traveling. You can squeeze it into any pocket and bring it everywhere. In the end it’s not the most powerful battery ever seen, but it provides a perfect extra charge for your phone, which gives a safe feeling when traveling! You can order it directly from the EnerPlex website and it costs only $27.99, which I think is a really good deal. EnerPlex Jumpr Mini’s are made in the USA, but they are being shipped worldwide.

Note: EnerPlex sent me a Jumpr Mini for free to try out and review, but the opinions and findings in this post are honest and my own!

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