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EnerPlex Kickr II Portable Solar Charger

Posted: 11/2/2015 11:31:15 AM by Team EnerPlex

By: Blake Ahlgrim

One thing that I have never owned or even used, until recently, is a solar power charger. It makes charging simpler. EnerPlex Kickr II is the perfect option for those who are looking for a small, compact, and reliable solar charger. There have been many times that I wanted to go outside for the afternoon, but hesitated because I knew my phone would die. There are no outlets in nature! So for those overnight camping trips, the EnerPlex Kickr II is perfect!

Being a college student, a lot of communication happens through my cell phone. Whether it’s email, text, or phone calls, it seems as if people always are trying to get ahold of you. TheEnerPlex Kickr II takes away the worry or impracticality of not being reachable when you aren’t necessarily near electricity.

This product is top notch. It’s great because it is so practical! The panel itself can stand almost all weather. It’s not water-proof, but it is water-resistant. The other main thing that stands out is the covering around the panel! It has numerous loops that can act as hooks and it also has a clip that can be used to clip on my backpack or sometimes a tree branch! Overall this product is great! It should definitely be added to your explorer gear!



    Small and portable.

    Reliable and water resistant.

    Practical clips and loops.


    Charging speed is dependent on the sunlight.

    As most would assume, you can only charge when there is sunlight.


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Mood Swings
Ohh. I like it very much.. It is small yet useful.It make my phone charge into simpler. It is very useful when you want to go somewhere. And also it is water resistant so wherever you put it is safe.
9/26/2016 8:57:52 PM

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