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How to Use your EnerPlex Products

Posted: 11/1/2014 2:37:45 PM by

We’ve gotten a few questions while out and about with our portable solar panels, and the most frequent one is, “How does it work?”  Sure solar panels seem simple enough; you throw it out in the sun and let it charge up, right? Well not exactly, but there is a method to our madness.

Here at EnerPlex, we use a simple 3-step process to get the most out of your products: Collect It, Store It, Use It.


Collect It: Our patented solar technology can collect power via our Kickr and Commandr series, even in cloudy conditions. The thin, lightweight panels make it easy to collect power wherever you are, from the top of a mountain to a downtown business meeting.  

Store It: Utilizing our solar panels to charge portable power banks is a simple way to store all the power that you have collected. This way you have a power source even after the sun goes down. Our portable power packs are lightweight in design and allow you to recharge your electronics.

Use It: This one is pretty obvious, use all that power you’ve collected and stored!

Our priority at EnerPlex is to give you portable power that you can take anywhere and that won't weigh you down. In fact you can even cut down our process to two easy steps if you wanted: Collect It and Use It. One great thing about our portable solar panels is that you can charge your devices directly from them, eliminating the need for a battery. Simply connect your USB enabled electronic to your panel, set the panels in the sun and let your device charge!

Charging times from solar chargers and battery packs are dependent on the DSC_6587.JPGamount of sun and what kind 
of specific product you are charging. We realize that time 
is a crucial when you’re talking about solar power and you want
 to be able to know how long it will take to charge up.  Luckily we’ve created a handy Charge Time Calculator that allows you to pick which type of device you want to charge and what EnerPlex product you will be charging from.

With EnerPlex you’re always in charge.

Daniel beebe
Blue tooth speaker will not pair
5/3/2016 8:55:11 PM

When I try to use my solar backpack comuter my iPhone 4 says this software may not be supported and doesn't work.
7/2/2015 12:34:09 PM

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