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Generatr 100 – Portable Power for the Outdoor Photographer/Videographer

Posted: 7/12/2016 8:59:05 AM by Team EnerPlex

Guest post by Justin & Adam Fricke - The Bro'd Trip

The biggest hassle with a camera is the battery power. Batteries are always dying on us! For the days when we’re on the trail or away from plugs, we cycle through batteries fairly quickly. Between DSLR’s, a point and shoot, and a GoPro, we’re killing batteries like tic-tac’s.
As photographers, filmmakers, and vloggers, we’re constantly draining batteries so that we can capture what’s going on and share it with our viewers and clients. So having something portable to charge up our batteries when they inevitably die is essential for us.


We love to carry around EnerPlex’s Generatr 100. The AC outlet provides us a spot to charge a DSLR or a point and shoot battery and the USB port lets us charge up a GoPro battery along with a cell phone, if needed, at the same time. The Generatr 100 is powerful enough to give us multiple camera battery charges, so there’s never a reason for us to have a dead battery throughout the day.
Keeping this thing powered up is a breeze as well. We have 80 watts worth of solar on top of our van and it gets charged in a matter of a couple hours with terrific sunlight hitting the solar panels. And if we need to charge our Generatr 1200 at the same time, all we do is unplug one solar panel from the regulator box and run it directly into the Generatr 100. On those cloudy, coffee shop, workdays, the Generatr 100 easily slides into one of our backpacks with the charger to get a quick charge from the wall outlet, so we’re ready to go on our next adventure.


What really makes the Generatr 100 so practical for us is how rugged and durable it is. We’ve used it consistently for the past 6 months and it’s become a staple in our packs. So much that it shows on the exterior. The logo and branding’s getting scratched off, but that’s what it’s meant for: to be used. It’s not meant to be shelf art, it’s meant to be beat up and used on the regular. Even though it’s taken a beating, it performs just as well as the first day we took it out of the box.
The Generatr 100 has become one of those necessary items that come with us everywhere. It’s durable, portable, and always charges what need to get charged. In a nutshell, every outdoor photographer/videographer should have this in their backpack when they’re heading out for the day.


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