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The Bro'd Trip - Solar Powered House-on-Wheels

Posted: 1/21/2016 9:03:40 AM by Team EnerPlex

Guest post by Justin & Adam Fricke - The Bro'd Trip

Living in a van gives you new perspectives, about each other, what you need, and what you can live without. Before hitting the road we thought we were fairly mindful about our energy consumption, needless to say that we were pretty shocked about the energy we sucked up and what we realistically needed to always keep us in charge.
Gone are the days of just leaving the laptop and phone plugged in all willy nilly. That eats up valuable energy, and now we never forget to turn off the lights or leave them off if we realistically don’t need them.

For when we do need to get power, we use what we need and for the most part, that all comes from the sun. Our Commandr 20’s absorb the sun’s energy we need and we store that in two different ways. Our big, yet portable, way of storing it is in our Generatr 100. That thing gives us a ton of cell phone and Kindle charges, or it’ll give us a couple laptop or camera battery charges. If the Generatr 100’s dead, the sun will usually charge it within a day, via a solar panel, no sweat.

What we use the most to keep our lights on, thermoelectric cooler running, camera batteries, phones, and laptops charged is our Generatr 1200. This thing packs a punch of power to anything we plug into it! With our four Commandr 20’s running through our regulator and into our Generatr 1200, by the time the sun sets we’re back at 100% and ready to keep our house on wheels lit when we need and our essential electronics charged and running.

For those days when we’re on the trail we always bring our Jumpr Stack 9’s with us to keep our phones charged up. They fit in our packs, and pockets, really well and give our phones a quick charge when needed. Something that’s real neat with them is that we only need one micro-USB cable to charge them. When we post up in a coffee shop to get some work done, we’ll stack them so they can charge simultaneously and keep another outlet free.

A game changer for us has been our backpacks. One of our new favorites is the Packr Executive because it has a solar panel built right into the face. Whether we’re working, climbing, or even surfing on a sunny day, we’ve been bringing our backpacks with us to charge up our phones or Jumpr Stack 9’s while we’re getting things done.
Being mobile is super easy since we’re able to keep everything charged from the sun. If we had to always get hooked up to electricity, it’d be far more expensive for us on The Bro’d Trip, and we’d always be tied into the grid. Not going to lie, it’s pretty fun showing off our solar set up and telling others, who ask, that we’re powered by the sun and don’t have to rely on the grid.


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