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The Bro'd Trip - An Introduction

Posted: 12/18/2015 3:42:46 PM by Team EnerPlex

Guest post by Justin & Adam Fricke - The Bro'd Trip

The Bro’d Trip began like most crazy ideas do: during happy hour. But after two years of diligent planning and saving, we’re almost ready to roll across all 50 states by van over the course of 1 year. January 1st, 2016 is our official departure day and it’s coming up fast. We’re currently building out our van, packing up our childhood home in Florida, and saying our goodbyes and see you laters.


We’re more than excited to welcome Enerplex on board the van with us. Since our diesel powered home on wheels will be less than environmentally pleasing while driving, we wanted to make up for our gas consumption by powering everything else in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Plus, being able to detach from the wall outlets and rely on the sun gets us closer to the things we love: surfing, climbing, camping, and hiking to name a few.
Our Generatr 100 has already proved to be useful in the van build process. With daylight savings upon us, a lot of our interior building has had to take place in the dark, after work. We rigged up a desk lamp to the Generatr 100, which gave us daylight in the dark, for hours on end. Once we get on the road, we’ll be using the Generatr 1200 powered by a cluster of Commandr 20’s to charge laptops, batteries, as well as continually run a fan and an electric cooler.
Now that you know a little about our trip and our solar usage, let’s tell you a bit about ourselves.


Justin Fricke first came up with the concept of a 50 state road trip while dating a girl. A breakup and a happy hour later, plans changed and it’s now a brotherly bonding experience. Working in an office for 4 years as a commercial real estate lender, Justin was able to save up some nickels and dimes to make this dream a reality. With the corporate world behind him, he will take on 2016 officially FUNemployed, with pen and camera in hand.


Freshly graduated from college, Adam Fricke has no intention of entering the cubicle life. While being in school full time, he worked part time and operated his own freelance photography and videography business. Luckily, he has a whole year on the open road to work on photo and video projects.
While we have decided that the corporate desk job doesn’t fit us, we’re thankful for the people that enjoy it. If you find yourself not in love with your work, follow us at to live vicariously through us or gather ideas to plot your great escape.
We hope to see you on the road, thanks for tagging along.


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