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EnerPlex Solar Product Chargers Review by PCR

Posted: 12/3/2014 12:03:49 PM by

EnerPlex's Solar Product Chargers

The Kickr IV, Packr, Surfr and Jumpr Slate make up the range


Unlike traditional solar products that are based on glass, EnerPlex’s latest range of solar panels are based on a shock-resistant and lightweight plastic, giving users the option of integrating them into backpacks and phone cases safely. 

The Kickr IV, Packr, Surfr, Jumpr Slate 5K and Jumpr Slate 10K make up the range, offering customers the option of a battery power without the need for any electricity. 

The Kickr IV is a foldable 6 Watt solar charger, which can charge a USB device at the same rate as a standard wall charger. It can also be attached to anything from a backpack to a tent. 

The Packr is a solar integrated backpack and is equipped with EnerPlex’s flexible solar on plastic technology. In good sunlight its three-watt solar panel can power up most smartphones in less than five hours and charge almost any portable USB enabled device.  

The lightest within the range is the Surfr iPhone 5 case, weighing just 89 grams and measuring 16mm thick. The battery case features a 2000mAh battery pack that will quickly double the life of an iPhone 5.

The Jumpr Slate products have been designed to slip into a jacket or rucksack pocket, and can be charged via a main plug or with an EnerPlex solar charger. 

The Jumpr Slate 5K features a 5,100mAh battery and has a Micro-USB cable stowed discretely in the side so that users can charge their devices on the go. 

The Jumpr Slate 10K includes a powerful 10,000mAh battery for charging smartphones, GPS units, tablets and e-readers. 

Plus, the dual 2.4 amp outlets mean users can charge two devices at the same time.

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