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A couples guide for sexy toys

sex toys

2 can sometimes be better than 1; a guide to couples sex toys

You have met the one, things are going great, you are super compatible in the bedroom but.. you want to spice things up a little and maybe it is time to enhance your bedroom antics by adding some toys! We’ve put together a handy guide of where to start and what to look for.

Let’s start off simple-

Bullet Vibrators:

Bullets are an excellent addition to your bedroom kits and whether you are playing solo or with a partner, you should get one of these. They are both discreet and pack some considerable power considering they are generally no bigger than your finger!

Bullets on average retail from anywhere to £5-£10ish depending on the brand, shape or different speeds.

Buy your own bullet vibrator below:

Cock rings:

This is another must have for your collection but this is one for you chaps! Again something you can use if you are having fun solo or with a partner. A cock ring is worn at the base of the penis generally and is used primarily to help you maintain an erection longer. This can help if you get a little.. over eager, but! There is such a vast range now available and they are a great addition to penetrative sex, you can get some with ridges, they come in different textures and materials and some even vibrate!

Buy your own cock ring from Amazon today:

BDSM restraints:

Looking to start branching into the world of bdsm? Awesome! We’d definitely advise taking it a step at time, talk the decision out thoroughly with your partner and spend time researching and finding the right equipment for you!

A good place to start is with some restraints. The purpose of restraints is to remove the ability to move, whether that be just by the wrists, ankles or both! Being tied up is a fantasy that many people have and a great place to begin.

The choices are vast and range from handcuffs, ribbons, under the bed restraints, metal bar restraints or even over/ under the door restraints!

Womens Vibrating Knickers:

Now, here is something really fun! These are perfect if you are looking to get a little adventurous outside of the bedroom, or even outside of the house!

Remote control underwear consists of a lovely pair of underwear with a removable vibrator and you have a remote control, which either you or your partner can control.

Clone a willy:

Now then, have you ever seen a penis that thought was just really good looking? Or that hit all the really good spots but maybe didn’t like who it was attached to? Or are you going away and want to leave a little gift for your partner?

Then the clone a willy is the product for you! Get your penis looking it’s best, then make a mould with the kit provided and get casting! Word of advice, be sure to get a quality clone a willy kit you want a product you are sure is safe for use!! 

You can now clone your own willy thanks to Amazon:

A good sex life is full of communication and openness, if you want to start spicing things up, chat it through with your partner and have fun.



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