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4 essential things every man must have in the wardrobe

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Every man would like to dress up and look good, but most of them don’t know how to go about it. Some have either a few clothes or purchase a ton of outfits that are outdated or don’t fit well.

Nevertheless, the number of essential items every stylish man must have in their wardrobe is not large. This article has collected – for you – a list of these important pieces; from subtle – yet high quality, men shirts to meticulously cut chinos, to that suit that is a must-have.

1. A milky-white button down shirt

First, most men do not know the difference between a button up shirt and a button down shirt. Here is the difference:

A button up shirt has buttons all the way to the top of the shirt, but a button-down shirt has two extra buttons on the collar used for fastening down to the shirt, thus the term “button down.”

A milky-white button-down shirt is the most versatile men’s apparel you will ever find in your wardrobe. This is because it goes with almost everything in your wardrobe; from coloured suits to a good pair of chinos teamed up with a statement leather belt.  For a better experience, go for a well-cut shirt made from soft and thick cotton.

However, if you would like to add a coloured pair of a shirt to your wardrobe that goes well with brown shoes and a pair of blue shirt, the next item is the best fit for you.

2. A sky blue shirt

A sky-blue shirt can be worn both on workdays and weekends. It can literally go well with any colour; from beige to darker blue shades. If you are looking for that chic and elegant look, try a sky-blue shirt combined with a tie of darker shades.

3. Crew-neck Jumper

Wearing crewneck jumpers at work is becoming a new fad in fashion. However, it’s important to understand how this essential piece should be worn so as to bring out that elegant and classy look. When worn with a tie and a shirt, make sure the collar of the shirt is beneath the jumper and only the knot of the necktie is exposed.

Also, during the weekends when you feel like dressing down and just relaxing at home – watching your favourite TV show – you can wear them with pairs of cargo pants or nice denim pants.

4. A navy-blue suit

There is a misconception that the first suit a man should purchase is a black suit. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. In this modern fashion culture, most people rarely wear black suits to work or to official appointments. The only place you would spot them is during funerals.

Instead, the majority of men are embracing coloured suits to demonstrate their confidence. One of these suits is a navy blue suit.  It blends well with white, blue, or floral shirts and a pair of brown leather shoes.

For a casual look, invest in a single-breast navy suit with notched lapels (not very wide or too skinny). For the pants, go for a slim fit with a flat front if you are medium-sized, but if you are plus-sized, go for pleated bottoms.

A gentleman is addressed according to how he is adorned, therefore, it is important – as a man – to have the essential items in your wardrobe that will make you stand out in the crowd.



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