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3 Crucial Tips for Self-Confidence

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Everyone has self-confidence issues, even those who give the impression of being completely confident or without any insecurities at all. There are a few who have faced their own insecurities and succeeded in accepting them and going onto a better place having learned from them, but even they once struggled with feelings of doubt and low self-esteem.

For those who suffer from insecurities, it can sometimes seem that being free of them is something that will never happen. Insecurities do get better with age, but in the mean-time there are things we can do to help build our self-confidence, slowly but surely.

A lack of confidence can be debilitating, having a negative impact on our image of ourselves, our interactions with others and our relationships; it can stop us from going after what we truly want and leave us feeling even more dissatisfied with ourselves, thereby expanding the circle of self-doubt which may even veer into self-loathing.

Self-confidence is all in the mind. Here are three tips to help train your mind into believing you are a wonderful, brilliant human being who deserves to live a happy and fruitful life (which you do!)

  • Repeat Self-Affirmation every day. Self-affirmation mantras are hugely underestimated. Quite possibly, the idea of telling oneself everyday “I am beautiful” or “I am important” or “I am worthy” about three hundred times may seem quite gruelling to the person who has a low opinion of themselves. But this type of doubt is exactly what these mantras aim to combat. If the thought of complimenting yourself makes you cringe, think about why it makes you cringe. Get to the source of it. Practice every day. Slowly, you’ll begin to feel that, actually, you are this wonderful, beautiful person and you’re not worthless or remotely worthy of the negative image you have of yourself.

  • Find Common Grounding with Others: Building self-confidence can be easier to do when you have the support of someone who is going through something similar. Joining a self-help class or searching for confidence-building groups on social media is one way to work with someone who is also struggling to build their confidence. Working together and helping one another can help fast-track the road to high self-esteem as you will both be there to support each other and provide help when needed.

  • Talk to Someone! Low self-confidence and low self-esteem are often the result of past experiences and environments which caused you to feel that way about yourself. No child is born with low self-esteem, but some may be more sensitive and susceptible to harsher environments, which could cause them to grow up feeling this way about themselves. Talking to someone, whether it is a professional or a trusted friend, can help explore these feelings of low self-worth and find the root of the cause. Once the root has been explored and dissected, the path to well-being can begin.


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