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Why Escorts Make Great Companions

companionship or relationship?

Why would it be that escorts make great companions? Friends even potentially? There are many reasons why an escort can make a great companion and the different reasons depend on both parties, the escort and the guy.

Perhaps the very first thing to consider is why a guy is booking the services of an escort in the first place. Most people’s view would be that he is simply looking for either excitement or relief. The reality is though that he may not be getting any attention at home. He may well be single or widowed and very frustrated. He may be living with someone but the excitement has left the relationship for whatever reason. Possibly from familiarity, maybe because he simply doesn’t fancy the Mrs anymore. Or maybe she is rationing him as women tend to do later in relationships in order to maintain some control. Little do they realise that it has the opposite effect and guys start to look around – its only natural.

Booking the services of a sexy young escort is great for the excitement and relief elements but also some guys are just plain lonely. Most guys are realistic enough to understand that they are paying for a service and that in terms of any relationship with their escort that things will not progress beyond the professional element. But that is not to say that they can become friendly with a regular escort and get to know her.

The initial excitement of booking an in call escort or an outcall escort is fantastic. You meet, have a drink maybe, get to know each other and break the ice a little then do whatever comes naturally. But once this has been done there is potentially a huge attraction in booking the same escort again. You both know each other and understand what’s good and what isn’t so good. Instantly there becomes a bond between the two and why not? It is a very intimate thing booking an escort so the two parties will certainly have a great experience. What’s wrong with a guy booking the same escort a few times and getting to know her? By default they then become companions as they get to know each other better.

Likewise escorts have quite a daily challenge. Meeting new guys every day, not knowing what to expect until they actually meet. Then the time that they spend together will be different with every guy. She has to look her best constantly and also perform at her very best. Breaking the ice with a new guy, getting to know him a little are all mentally tiring things to do on a daily basis. So the potential of seeing the same guy a few times, even looking forward to the booking will be quite a relief and potentially offer the escort some excitement too.

We are all human of course and it is natural to be drawn towards people as we see more of them. Certainly considering the activities that may take place between an escort and the  guy there is inevitably some closeness generated so it is entirely normal for an escort to form some sort of bond with a regular client. Just seeing the same face and smile once a week is great and, as the relationship progresses then you get to know each other intimately and become real companions. There will be anticipation and excitement being built up in both parties and the smile when the guy meets his escort says it all.

Escorts are also able to fill a void that exists in many guys lives of pure loneliness. Why shouldn’t his escort become his companion? Over time they will talk more as well as any physical activities that they may indulge in. So they get to know a little about each other which then automatically makes the relationship a little closer. This may then develop into a full friend / companion situation. GFE becomes quite natural and not a forced act by the escort and DFK etc are so much more enjoyable. Even moving to OWO and CIM are easy with an escort that has become a companion.

If you are not familiar with what these abbreviations mean? Not to worry, check out our recent article we published on sex worker slang explained.

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