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What to Expect After Your First Botox Treatment


Your first Botox treatment might be a little scary. After all, you don’t always know what to expect! No matter how many forums you’ve scrolled down and how many questions you have asked your nurse, you cannot understand the full experience until you have had it done yourself.

That doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared, however. The more you know about what’s going to happen, the less chance you’ll end up worrying about the lack of results or skin redness. So, if you have your first ever Botox appointment coming up, here’s what to expect.

Some Redness or Bruising

First of all, it’s important to understand that Botox is a procedure that involves injections, so a little redness or bruising is to be expected at first. You might experience none at all, or you might end up with some obvious signs around the area you had treated. If you think the redness or bruising is too extreme, be sure to check in with whoever delivered the treatment. Plus, to make sure you experience as few negative side effects as possible, go to a dermani Botox cosmetic treatment for a comfortable and quality procedure. 

A Slight Headache

Most people get Botox injections around their forehead and eyes, which means getting a headache after your appointment is likely. Don’t worry, though – it shouldn’t last too long, and it shouldn’t be too painful. You can always take some painkillers to reduce the pain until it goes away.

Results That Aren’t Noticeable at First

One of the most common worries that people have after their first-ever Botox treatment is that it hasn’t done anything at all. Your nurse should explain this to you, but it’s important to repeat – the results of the Botox won’t be noticeable at first. They work slowly over several days, meaning you’ll start noticing the difference in muscle movement after around day two. The good news is that it will help you to adjust!

Slightly Restricted Movement

Another worry for first-timers is that they won’t be able to make certain expressions. You’ll be pleased to know that this isn’t the case. While you won’t be able to frown as deeply or raise your eyebrows quite as high (depending on the area you had Botox), you will still be able to make those expressions, just without the deep lines that usually follow.

How Much Younger You Look

It might take a while, but another outcome you should expect after your first Botox treatment is how much younger you look. Once you stop creating those lines with your expressions, you’ll notice smoother, wrinkle-free skin that will take years off your appearance! In fact, you will wonder why you didn’t get Botox sooner. Once you realize just how great the results are, you’ll likely commit to regular appointments to keep up the smooth skin.

Botox is an excellent way to look younger without completely changing your appearance. Once you’ve smoothed out those elevens or crow’s feet lines, you will notice a more youthful you in the mirror.


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