Jumpr Series FAQ

What is a Jumpr?

A Jumpr is a portable rechargeable battery that is ideal for charging up your small electronics. These small-scale batteries can be charged via our Kickr series, a USB Port, or through a standard wall outlet. Charge them up and take them in your backpack, your car, or your purse to power your small electronic devices whenever you need some extra juice.

How much life do Jumprs provide for your electronics?

Jumpr rechargeable power packs can vary in power and number of charges depending on the device. We recommend you visit our charging calculator to find out what Jumpr batteries charge what devices.

How do you charge a Jumpr power pack?

A Jumpr can be charged three ways; by a standard USB port, a wall outlet, or by our Kickr Series of solar chargers. All necessary cables and plugs will be included within the packaging of the specific Jumpr product you purchase.

I have hooked my Jumpr battery to an electronic device and clicked the power button, but nothing is happening. What should I do?

  • There are a few reasons why your EnerPlex Jumpr might not be charging your device correctly:

    • Is the Jumpr battery charged? If not, using the included Micro USB cable, connect the Jumpr to a power source. Once fully charged, the Jumpr will illuminate 4  LED lights.

    • To properly turn on the charging capabilities for your Jumpr battery, you must hold down the power button for FIVE COMPLETE SECONDS.


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