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Sex worker slang explained

sex terms explained

Ever feel like you are lost in a sea of phrases you have never heard of? Of acronyms that make no sense to you? We are here with the ultimate jargon busting guide to help you navigate the world of sex, easily and pleasurably!

Let’s get stuck in;


A- Levels- Anal
BJ- Blowjob
BBW- Big beautiful women
BDSM- Bondage domination submission and masochism
BF- Boyfriend
CIM- Cum in mouth
CFNM- Clothed Female Naked Male
DP- Double penetration
DT- Deep throat
FBSM- Full body sensual massage
FIV- Finger in Vagina
GFE- Girlfriend experience
NSFW- Not safe for work
PSE- Pornstar experience

There are hundreds if not thousands of acronyms for sex, mainly in use within the escorting agencies so the list above will hopefully serve as a starter guide to help you in your sexual journey.

Phrases you have been too embarrassed to seek the clarification for!

There are many slang terms and phrases thrown around when it comes to conversations about sex and sex acts. It can be embarrassing to admit that you do not know what certain phrases or sayings mean BUT there is never a harm in asking for clarification, or filing it away to google when you get home.  Luckily for you we are not embarrassed to dive straight in and get busting that sexy jargon!

Beast with two backs – just old fashioned slang for sex!

Bodice ripper – slang for a very explicit novel

Scissoring – An act between two women where they rub their genitals together until they climax.

Pegging – Where a women, wearing a strap on penetrates a male partner.

Cowgirl – Girl on top facing you

Doggie – Partner on hands and knees, taking from behind

Glory hole – a whole, normally in a stall wall in a public toilet, for engaging in public sex acts

Dogging – engaging in generally public sex with strangers, mostly in cars
Ménage à trois- a sexual relationship comprising of 3 people

Swingers – Individuals or couples who enjoy engaging in sexual acts with different partners

Cuckhold – Generally, a wife, engages in sexual activities with another male whilst her husband watches

Blue Pill – Vigara

Escort – These are more commonly known in the industry as cheap London escorts and if you see this term about then you can hire a companion for the time which you require. 

It is a great big world out there, with so many things to experience and so many people to meet! Whether you are single, in a couple or married, an adventurous sex life is coveted by many and only enjoyed by some! So our advice to you is to go out and experience the world and book escorts here!

If you and your partner are looking spice things up but do not know where to start then check out our article all about sex toys, with couples in mind!



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