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How long does it take to charge? 


How long your power packs will last depend fully on what power pack you are using as well as the power usage of your device. For example, a tablet will take much longer and will take more power to charge than a smartphone.
Number of Charges: 


Most electronics will be able to be recharged via solar power, however we recommend using an EnerPlex power pack as a buffer, since many electronics will stop charging if there is an interruption of power like if a cloud passes over.
Approximate Charge Time: 

How It Works?

Charging times from your solar chargers to Jumpr battery packs and electronic devices will be dependent on the amount of visible sun as well as what specific product you are charging.

EnerPlex solar products charge best in bright and clear sunny conditions, however these solar chargers are also able to operate and collect a charge in cloudy conditions. In cloudy conditions, you will notice the solar charging rate will be slower than in standard sunny conditions. To maximize charging capabilities, we recommend angling your solar panels towards the sun to receive the most direct sunlight. 

Why to Charge a Battery Pack Instead of a Product Directly When Charging Via Solar

  • Overexposure to heat. Some products will shut down if they get too hot and it’s never safe to leave your electronics exposed in sunlight and heat for long periods of time
  • Cloud cover.  If clouds pass by or weather changes, the charging can become interrupted. This means your phone could be plugged into your Kickr or Commandr and not charging.  Portable batteries such as Generatrs and Jumprs give you a constant charge no matter the weather conditions and will always accept a charge via solar no matter how many clouds pass over
  • Transportation. It’s much easier to charge your phone via a portable power pack than sitting in the sun waiting for your device to fully charge. Portable power packs let you charge anywhere
  • Day vs Night. You can charge at any time while using a power pack while you can only charge via solar during the day when you have access to direct sunlight

How long will it take to charge my Jumpr?

  • This all depends on the size of the battery you’re trying to charge and the power source you’re using to charge it. The below table can give an idea of the approximate charge times for many of our batteries, when going from 0 – 100%:
EnerPlex Battery   Battery Size   Power source amps: 1000mA   Power source amps: 2000mA  
Jumpr Bar   2,600mAh   3 hours   2 hours  
Jumpr Flashlight   2,800mAh   3 hours   2 hours  
Jumpr Max   10,000mAh   11 hours   5.5 hours  
Jumpr Mini/Mini-Li   1,700mAh   2 hours   1 hour  
Jumpr Prime 4400   4,400mAh   5 hours   3 hours  
Jumpr Prime 7800   7,800mAh   8.5 hours   4 hours  
Jumpr Prime 10400   10,400mAh   12.5 hours   6 hours  
Jumpr Slate 10K   10,000mAh   11 hours   5.5 hours  
Jumpr Slate 5K/5K-L   5,000mAh   5.5 hours   3 hours  
Jumpr Stack 3   3,200mAh   3.5 hours   2 hours  
Jumpr Stack 6   6,200mAh   7 hours   3.5 hours  
Jumpr Stack 9   9,400mAh   10.5 hours   5 hours  
Note: USB ports found on computers can vary greatly in their output amperage and may be anywhere from 50mA – 2000mA. Wall chargers that come with your Micro USB-powered phone may have an output of anywhere from 1000mA – 2000mA. This information can be found directly on the charger.