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Is A Career in Chemistry The Right Career Choice For You?


Perhaps you have currently just graduated, or else have finished your academic studies and are looking for a career that will both excite and challenge you in equal measure, or maybe you are simply for a change in career direction.

Either way, a career in chemistry is one of the most rewarding out of all the scientifically based careers and here, for your reading pleasure and information, is a guide on how to find if such a career choice is the right one for you.

Skills Required To Be A Chemist

There are a multitude of attributes and key skills required for the pursuit of a career in chemistry, as in every other section of scientific study and research.

Such skills include, but are in no way limited to:Critical thinking


High focus and concentration

Exceedingly organized

Excellent time management skills

Strong interpersonal skills

General Duties & Responsibilities Of A Professional Chemist

Every day is a different experience in the life of a professional chemist, although there are more than a few general responsibilities and daily tasks that occur and are involved regularly.

Amongst a host of others, chemists are responsible for:The testing of materials and other substances to ensure they are chemically safe for use

Providing electronic, verbal, and written instruction on the correct methods for chemical testing

Writing reports that are technical in nature, describing findings and research methods

The preparation of solutions and compounds that are used in important procedures within your laboratory and others

The presentation of research discoveries and findings to other chemists, engineers, and fellow scientists

Analyzing materials and substances to discover their different elements and composition

Become A Pioneer

Becoming a professional chemist affords you the real possibility of becoming an innovative pioneer in the field of scientific research or even being credited for the invention of a brand new product that can seriously change people’s lives for the better.

A fantastic example of this is the creator behind the fantastically effective and increasingly popular SimplyThick EasyMix packets, who started out with a professional background in chemistry and developed his product at home in his very own kitchen.

Qualifications Required to Become a Chemist

As with other scientifically and medically based careers, there is a recognizable career progression path to becoming a qualified chemist. It is worth noting that to become a chemist takes several years of intense study that takes a lot of hard work and dedication and is certainly not for the proverbial faint-hearted.

First, prospective chemists should obtain a bachelor’s degree in science, naturally majoring in chemistry, although several notable chemists currently at the forefront of their profession entered chemistry through a ‘side door’, such as with an engineering degree.

Throughout your degree, you will be involved in placements that will enable you to gain real experience in the field, and after your graduation, you then need to pursue a master’s degree or doctorate in chemistry.


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