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Having a Sexy Adult Sleepover? What You Need to Know

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A sleepover with your partner should be spicy. According to the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, many urban couples engage in adult sleepovers where they regularly sleep together but still keep their separate houses. If you’re planning a sleepover or going to one, there are a few things you ought to know.

Play Sex Games

Similar to the sleepovers you had when you were a child; adult sleepovers are livelier with games. There are numerous sex games you can play with your partner whether your relationship is new or old. A pillow fight, for example, is a great way to have fun and get frisky.  

Here are more games:

•  20 Sex Questions – It’s similar to the classic game but on the racy side. Instead of generic answers, you can take the night into a steamy direction by suggesting sex positions and toys.

•  Truth or dare – The dares here should not involve eating disgusting food, but rather involve the naughtiest thing you can think of. Principles should remain constant but the details should be sexier.

•  Sexy board games – Don’t get bored playing board games like Snakes and Ladders or Monopoly; introduce saucier details for a thrilling night. For example, you can create a rule whereby the loser has to accept any request from the winner in the bedroom.

After the game

You’ll need to have planned for what will happen next after the games. A romantic way to take the games from the living room to the bedroom is by using sexy snacks as foreplay. Instead of popcorn or chips, get aphrodisiacs such as strawberries, chocolate, or honey snacks.  

Maybe you could spice things up and if you partner agrees to it you could book yourself some sexy escorts to come round and spice things up, these girls are always happy to see couples and give you amazing personal services and who knows you could learn a thing a two.

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Tips for hosting adult sleepovers

•    Keep bedding clean – Instead of buying dark-coloured sheets which don’t show stains, get bright colours and wash them regularly. Gray sheets are sexy too. Dirty sheets and crumbs in bed are a complete turn-off. Instead of buying satin sheets, buy cotton, polyester, or flannel.  

•    Get extra pillows – Apart from their aesthetic appeal, extra pillows can be used for intricate sex positions. The pillows do not have to be fancy, just comfortable.  

•    Blankets and duvets – If you live in a cold area, you’ll need to buy a duvet, wash it and keep it in a closet. Follow the same fabric and colour rule like with the sheets. Provide your sleepover partner with the extra blanket in case it gets too cold at night and you’re fast asleep.

•    Your bed – The bed should be assembled at the center of the room, and not at a corner. This way, your partner will not have to jump over you when going to the toilet at night. A great bed should be 2 feet high, but there are modern lowrider beds that are closer to the floor. Fasten all bolts and nuts to avoid squeaky noises when you’re having sex.  

When you want to buy a bed and you’re in doubt, ask your partner to accompany you to the store so that you can get one that both of you will enjoy. The same applies to the bedding’s’ fabric and colour choices. Buy your significant other a drink for their troubles.


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