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English or European Escorts?

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What a lovely dilemma to have to solve, the choice between an English or a European escort. It can be a major factor for many guys, which to choose and the reasons behind this are perhaps a little more complex that most people actually realise.

When a guy decides to book an escort there are usually many things going through his mind. Obviously, he is looking for a little fun and entertainment.

Often, he will be away from home on a business trip in a city that he does not know too well. There are only so many times he can sit in a bar alone eating the local pub food with a few beers or bottle of wine for company. So, his thoughts may turn to alternative forms of entertainment. Another issue is that it can be very lonely working away from home and sat in a hotel bedroom with just the remote control for company wears anyone down.

Would You Like To Book an English or European Escort?

So, perhaps after a few beers he starts to look at what may be available for entertainment. Phone in hand he starts to make a few searches and is presented with some of the most sexy young ladies that he has ever seen, all available to him from a quick phone call.

Excitement may kick in as he starts to browse the cheap London escorts from passionlondon.co.uk in a little more depth. What is available to him and what does he fancy for the evening’s entertainment.

Of course, some guys know exactly what they are looking for and this may well be hair colour, eye colour, curvy or slim escorts available tonight or some may browse escorts by their services. All of these are completely natural and as the guy is with a beautiful young sexy escort then it is down to him to make his personal choice. However, nationality, is this a big thing for him or not as a part of his selection process?

What are the main differences between European and English escorts?

Some guys do not even think about this when they are booking a high-class escort from a website. They may just be looking for big breasts or a feisty redhead that promises great services.

Maybe you should stop and think for a second about the night ahead before making that booking.

English escorts come in many different flavours and the choices of boobs and hair colour may be met by many of the escorts on the website. But will you want to converse with your escort that you have booked for a night of fun and games?

Are you going to be happy with a European escort that may struggle to converse with you? This may indeed be a big turn on for many guys – the language of the bedroom and minimal other communication. It may make the escort booking seem a little more naughty even when it is clearly about one thing alone.

Other guys will definitely want a conversation with their escort. Have a few pre-fun and games talk and drink and get to know each other a little before diving into the naughty stuff. This is obviously where an English escort may come into her own.

Then consider also not just the language element of your escort but also the inherent characteristics of each country. The usual expectation from an English escort is the beautiful English Rose type. Buxom possible, certainly curvy in all of the right places. Luscious full pouting lips and possibly deep dark eyes. Conversely most people have a view of Eastern European escorts and being tall, almost skinny with small pert breasts and impossibly long legs. Then there are the Italian and Spanish escorts. Olive skinned with long flowing dark hair. Possibly a little more body hair also which is a big attraction to many guys.

So, it’s not just about the language when you book English or European escort Its about their nature, their styles and habits as well as genetics. WTF though, whoever you book you are going to have a great time. Enjoy making your choice on our escort agency website and get the lady booked for a night you will remember for ever.


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