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Adult: The Horrors of Online Dating

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Take Plenty of Fish which is usually rife with horny men and disgruntled women swimming around in this ocean of discontent. This is a place where anyone looking for a serious relationship will nine times out of ten face extreme disappointment in their endeavours. It is a place where obese, twenty-something year-old women with two kids in tow will find their inboxes flooded by hordes of men who, through a combination of desperation, loneliness and wayward loins, will proceed to tell the said female how stunning she is, how delightful her profile is, how much he would love to get to know her over a coffee, etc. etc. However, his rather transparent attempts backfire once the woman in question realises just how this 7:1 ration of woman to man on PoF can work to her advantage. Overwhelmed by the relentless messages complimenting her on her beauty, the woman’s ego is fed to the point of explosion – suddenly, no man on the site is good enough and any man not harbouring the same devilish looks of Tom Hardy is swiftly deleted. This results in some very bitter, angry men and some rather pompous and egotistical women; but despite all of this, the strange cycle continues and people continue swimming about, seeking their dream seahorse but usually encountering the common trout.

For those who are fortunate enough to meet a prospective suitor or lady offline, the reality very often does not live up to the expectation. Women become infuriated upon realising their dreamy, thirty-year old, six-foot stud is actually a forty-five year old with a pot belly, whose profile pictures are fifteen years out of date; men will experience a similar feeling of betrayal once they discover their date’s profile slogan “Curvy and classy!” doesn’t quite carry the same connotation as they’d originally thought once confronted by her in real life, realising that ‘curves’ don’t necessarily pertain to a Beyonce-esque figure. And then, of course, there are the multiple mental problems, drug users, cheaters, and swindlers who are out for a free meal to contend with, so much so that the hapless victim finds his/herself wondering exactly how he/she got here and how much better it would be to drown oneself in brandy than be trudging the shores of online dating.

The main problem with online dating is that people’s expectations are far too high. The truth is that everyone is riddled with flaws, everyone has insecurities and we should take the bad with the good, or not at all. Painting the picture of a perfect person only sets everyone up for disappointment in the long run. Perhaps the days of online dating, short as they were, truly have passed us by. Maybe it’s time for some good old-fashioned meet and greets in the supermarket, library or anywhere else where what you see is what you get. Whatever your experiences with online dating, don’t let it put you off the idea of finding someone special – you may have to wade through quite a lot of polluted waves to get it, but it’s there somewhere!

Currently the online dating scene is such a shambles at the minute and so it is allowing for other industries to boom and a lot of gentlemen are now reverting to booking escorts instead of going through the process of finding a dream girl online.

They can get all the same experiences without the strings attached and I think this is really starting to divert people from using dating websites and just use escort agencies as an alternative instead.


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